From the mouth of the Prophetic, the Bishops see 2020 as a year of Vision, Declaration, and Manifestation; a year to see and decree.

While Many have survived seasons of darkness, delays, trials, and tribulations where they have had no clear vision of what was on the horizon, the wind of the Spirit is blowing in change. In 2020 the fog will lift and things that were blurry and unclear will become refocused and crystal clear. The God we serve moves in Seasons, Set Times, and Appointed Times. For the Prayed up Christian Believer, this is an appointed time to put legs to our faith and give birth to our dreams. This is the Word of the Lord!

This year prayer must be a priority for the Christian Believer. The Spirit of Prayer will sharpen our spiritual eyesight and heighten our spiritual sensitivity. In 2020 our prayer lives will open our spirit to the unfolding of revelation into the secrets and mysteries of God in a manner unlike any other time in recent memory. This is the word of the Lord!

This time of personal preparation may drive us into a time of spiritual isolation. However, in the realm of the spirit, isolation always precedes Restoration and Elevation. In 2020 we must heighten our Spiritual Discernment and remain on high alert.

There is a purpose and a place that God has prepared for all of us; a place of blessing, a place of refreshing and a place of fulfillment. With all that God has on the agenda for His people in 2020, we should expect the enemy of our souls to have issues with God's people. Consequently, we must arm ourselves for the conflict and prepare for battle in the heavenly places. This is a year we must stay prayed up!

In 2020 the Prayed Up Believer can expect:

Prophetic downloads and Kingdom strategies;

Revelation as it relates to the direction of our lives;

Answers to prayers previously delayed in the heavenly places; a

Year of crystal clear vision;

Elevation in the things of God;

Divine intervention and angelic interception;

Unfolding of the secrets and mysteries of God;

Principalities and powers to loose their demonic grip over our lives.

Since 2020 is a year of Vision, Declaration, and Manifestation, we must stay prayed up!