The challenges you encountered in 2021 and 2022 were intended to shake your faith and break your spirit. Even if you survived those challenges, the plan of the enemy was to render you physically weak and emotionally discouraged so that you would be tempted to shut down and quit. The enemy knows that once you make it into 2022, you would have what it takes to take advantage of the tremendous God-oriented opportunities the New Year brings. "All creation is about to see the manifestation of the sons of God in the earth," says the LORD.

This Year, You Will NOT Be Denied!

Biblically, the number 2 represents the principles of agreement and multiplication. The people of God should therefore agree with the Word of God, that God has placed the power in their hands to supernaturally multiply things. Hear the word of the Lord: "In the days ahead, as the world grows darker, My Anointing will become more evident among MY people. Over the past 20 months {March 2020 - November 2021), I have raised up a remnant who in 2022, will walk in MY supernatural authority and be ablaze with MY glory. My shekinah glory will descend and rest in the marketplace, in offices, in churches, and in homes in ways that My creation has never seen. People will be saved, healed, and transformed by My great power. For this is what many have prayed for and have cried out to Me between the porch and the altar to see.



These are the days for which I have prepared you. For I, the Lord thy God, will bless and pour into you, power, wisdom, and insight beyond what you've ever seen. Keep your eyes on Me, and I'll cause you to do what you've never done. I'll cause you to master your circumstances and conquer your situations. I'll lead you into green pastures and bring you to a place of peace. There's nothing you will go through, that I won't bring you out of." "For now," says the Lord, "you and I together will do great and mighty things. As I shake heaven, you will be empowered to shake where you are in earth. I'm about to do My greatest work amongst you in this generation, "said the Lord of host.